Red Houseboat on the Lake

My New Home On The Lake

A few days ago, I took the plunge and got a homestead. I tried having a homestead a few years ago and felt overwhelmed. This time, I took a different approach. I carved out a small portion to use as my home and will use the rest for photography. This allows me to build sets the way I want them, including terrain textures, terraforming and surrounds.

My home is simple. I don’t need much space as I spend very little time actually living in it. Since it is almost Easter, I added some holiday decor. There is more in the yard and garden, not shown in this photo.


  • Houseboat — Houseboat, Red by Your Dreams
  • Sim Surround — Sweetwater Valley by Landscapes Unlimited
  • Deck — Kiya Beach Hut Dock Extension by Trompe Loeil
  • Walkway — Simple Pier Boardwalk Walkway by Jenuwin Designs (Marketplace)
  • Chairs/Table on Deck — Bamboo Chair and Table Set by Evhah
  • Easter Tree — Potted Easter Egg Tree by Simply Shelby
  • Margarita Set –Margarita Pitcher by Dahlia
  • Snack Tray — Fries Platter by Hangry
  • Canoe — Summer Dock Canoe by Death Row Designs
  • Life Preserver — SLifesaver Ring by Dilly Dolls
  • Easter Sign on Wall — Easter Bunny Signs by Simply Shelby
  • Planter 1 — Daisy in Oval Metal Pot by DaD
  • Planter 2 — Daisy Rattan Pot by Athy Designs
  • Lighting and Special Effects — Environments, Photoshop, Lightroom (includes sky replacement and sunlight)
  • Location — Private Home

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