Silly Cow

The Cow Who Wants To Be A Sheep — Or A Goat

Imagine my surprise when I found a single cow in the sheep and goat pen! She was just standing there doing her best to blend in. I’m not sure if she secretly wants to be a sheep or a goat, or is just headed for an acting career.

Actually, I am the cow! This wonderful cow avatar was deeply discounted at a recent weekend sale. I just had to have it! After I found Jian’s sheep and goats on sale, the idea for this photo started swirling in my head. A quick trip to Marketplace got me the barn, tractor and windmill to complete the scene. The farm fence was a sale purchase a few weeks ago.


  • Ickle Moo Bento Cow Avatar by Jinx


  • Fence — Farm Fence by Dust
  • Barn — Dylan Barn by Peni Bell’s Stuff (Marketplace)
  • Windmill — Windmill by West World (Marketplace)
  • Tractor — Tractor, sea by Brocante (Past gacha item)
  • Sheep — Sheep Collection by Jian
  • Goats — Goat Collection by Jian
  • Lighting and Sky — Environments, Lightroom, Photoshop
  • Location — Mystical Rentals, Private Home

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