SL 16B Tribute

When I read about the SL 16B Photo Challenge, I knew I wanted to do more than just take a photo. I wouldn’t be in Second Life for almost thirteen years were it not for the people in it with me. I wanted to pay tribute to the friends that make my Second Life special. These are the friends that I share funny “only in SL” moments with, and the ones who are there when I need a good cry.

“Mellwyn” shares this blog with me. I don’t share well (ask my rl husband LOL), so this is a huge deal and a giant leap of friendship. This photo is dedicated to her and two other very dear friends, Kylie Quinn and Sylvi, with whom I’ve shared so much — laughter and tears and everything in between. I want to thank them for their unwavering friendship, kindness, generosity and support.

  • Hat, Flag, Lanyard — Linden SL 16B gifts, located in the Welcome Area.
  • Head — Catwa — Lilly (The shape is my own)
  • Skin — Belleza — Imogen medium shade. This was a 50 Linden Friday item a while back
  • Makeup — A R T E — 40’s Makeup Pack. I bought this at a past Vintage Fair.
  • Dress — b[ELLE] — Vintage Swingtime Dress Lacy, created by my friend, Sylvi. Follow the link to her in-world store and this link to her Marketplace store.
  • Shoes — KC Couture — Maya Pumps.
  • Pose — GO&SEE IOS Shopping Pose 2
  • Location — SL 16B Exhibit by Kylie Quinn, dear friend and photographer extraordinaire! Look for her exhibits in world and her Flickr page.
  • Lighting — I shot this one in world in black and white using Lumipro lighting.

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