What a Doll!

It’s Barbie’s Birthday! When I was a kid, I had a Barbie, but her wardrobe was so pitiful, she wasn’t much fun. The girl down the street, however, had several small suitcases stuffed with glitzy, glamorous clothing and accessories. I probably drove her nuts when I went over there, asking to play Barbie, just to borrow some of her doll’s outfits.

Today is also the Grand Re-Opening of my blog, Excessories. Since I’m a Second Life Shopaholic, I have an overflowing, excessive inventory. Forget trying to stay under (mumble-mumble thousand) items. I’m blowing the lid off by doing even more shopping, then unpacking, sorting and sharing photos of my goodies, most of which I’ve acquired during the many sales and giveaways by generous creators.

I’m very good at shopping and hunting, but my sorting tends to lag, so there will be a lot of older items in these photos, some of which may no longer be available.

As for what’s shown above? Let’s GO!


  • Clothing —
    • Top and Skirt — Avanny Outfit by Le’La.
    • Boots — Evelyn V2 Boots by Phedora
  • Makeup and Nails —
    • Eyeshadow — Alaska Eyeshadow UltraHD by Ravencreation
    • Lipstick — Soft Winter Lipstick by Izzie’s
    • Contouring — Highlighter and Contouring by Guapa
    • Blush — Fresh Start Blush by Cazimi
    • Other — Face Pebbles by Misteria
    • Body Glitter — Kaylee Body Glitter by Beautiful Dirty Rich
    • Nails — Ballerina Classic Colors Nails by Avada
  • Body Etc.


  • Background — Pink Sunset Skybox by Bueno
  • Dollhouse and Footstool — Suitcase Dollhouse by Kei Spot
  • Rabbit in Kimono — Usagi Doll Blue by RH Design House
  • Chair — Easter Elegance Chair by Circa
  • Potted Plant — Potted Purple Hibiscus by Park Place
  • Dragonfly — Mosaic Dragonfly Wall Decor Pink by Simply Shelby
  • Bird Cage — Bird Cage Pink by BS House
  • Donut Planter — Quirky Planters, Donut by Dust Bunny
  • Puppet on Floor — Pinocchio Animesh by Dust
  • Folded Clothing on Shelves — Closet Clutter by Atelier Burgundy
  • Books — Bunny Books Decor by Merak
  • Statue — Concrete Bunny Statue by Half Deer
  • Small Planter — Silver Bunny Planter by Celeste
  • Pose –Stun 4 by Avril
  • Lighting — Environments, Lumipro, Lightroom, Photoshop

Purple Moon

Sylvi of b[ELLE] has done it again! She sent me a cute summer shorts/top outfit. It’s so cute it sent me up to the moon with delight! I’ll be running around in this outfit all day — as soon as I figure out how to get down to earth again.

  • Head — Lelutka — Chloe
  • Body — Maitreya
  • Skin — Pink Fuel — Anja II, apricot
  • Hair — Sintiklia — Ariana, naturals
  • Top/Shorts — b[ELLE] — Highwaist Shorts ‘n Crochet Top. These come with a 5 color mix/match hud for top, shorts and trim. Only 75L for the set this weekend!
  • Moon/Pose — Simply Shelby — Celestial Hanging Seat, Purple. This is currently in the sale item area.
  • Stars — M2D — White Stars
  • Backdrop — Turnip’s Homes — Turnip’s Skydome 2.0
  • Location — Private Home
  • Lighting — Jean’s Gothic Moon, Lumipro and just a tiny bit of Photoshop highlights/shadows

Nap Until The Sun Shines

My biggest thrill in life is to read in the afternoon until I fall asleep and take a nap.

Sissy Spacek

I excel at napping. In fact if napping was a pageant skill, I’d be crowned queen! However, Apollo, the sun god, reminded me I was merely mortal and woke me up with an eyeball piercing ray of sunshine. Will somebody please close the curtains?

  • Head — Lelutka –Chloe. In case you haven’t already figured it out, this is my current favorite head. Lelutka makes such exquisite Bento heads and the HUD is so easy to use.
  • Body — Maitreya
  • Skin — Lara Hurley — Cerise
  • Hair — Sintiklia — Elvina, Naturals pack 200L at SL 16B.
  • Top — Tres Blah — Casual Tee, Nap Queen — 115L at SL 16B. I saw this Tee and HAD TO HAVE IT.
  • Jeans — Tres Blah — High Rise Jeans , Black –15L at SL 16 B. (I should have bought these in more colors. I may have to go back…)
  • Loveseat — Ariskea — [Wild] Boho Daybed. I’m not sure when I got this. I have several pieces in the set.
  • Background Setting — Trompe Loeil — Mia Glass Cottage. I’m pretty sure I bought this at a past Collabor88 event.
  • Location — Private Land
  • Lighting — Windlight “Places Beach Cay Surreal” and a tiny bit of Photoshop shadows/highlights tweaking.

It Had to be Moonlight

I shopped until I dropped from L A G at the SL 16B event in Second Life. Of course, I had to pick up all of the marvelous group gifts. It was like Christmas in June! I have yet to open all of them — maybe I will by SL 17B!

I did pause at a few of my favorite designers’ shops to make some heavily discounted purchases. (There are some amazing deals at SL 16B.) I decided that the best way to show off this gorgeous hair and makeup is with a little bit of moonlight.

  • Head — Lelutka –Chloe
  • Skin — Lara Hurley — Cerise
  • Eyes — Euphoric — Yuna Beauty Set from the May 2019 Lelutka Powder Pack
  • Hair — Sintiklia — Gigi. I bought the Naturals pack — 200L.
  • Makeup — alaskametro<3 — Winter Beauty Book –113 L. I adore alaskametro<3 makeup. I’ve worn it for years. It’s exquisite and so reasonably priced.
  • Pose — Foxcity — Portrait Bento Set — 250L
  • Backdrop — Pseudo — Casting Call Backdrop
  • Location — Backdrop Cove
  • Lighting — Windlight Phototools Moonlight 4, Lumipro and Photoshop