Daisy Falls

I love daisies and collect daisy themed items. This dress by Belle Epoch was a 2023 New Year’s Eve Hunt item. I put it aside until it was warm enough to wear. Paired with a few other daisy themed items, it makes a perfect outfit! I just had to go to Daisy Falls* to snap this selfie.


  • Dress — Daniela by Belle Epoch, 2023 NYE Hunt edition
  • Wreath — Gerbera Daisy Wreath, Delicate Pink and Blue by Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions
  • Earrings — Daisy Earrings by Pr!tty (Store is temporarily closed)
  • Makeup —
    • Eyeshadow — Nirvana Eyeshadow by I’nk (Marketplace)
    • Lipstick — Girl Gloss 2 by Shiny Stuffs
    • Eyelashes — Aura Lash 1 by Renna
    • Blush — August Highlighter Pink by Cazimi
    • Nails — Spring Abstract by Nail It Good (no longer available)
  • Body —


  • Pose — Statue 4 by PosESioN, with the daisy hold override
  • Sunshine Pond by Two Moon Gardens
  • Lily Pads by Jian
  • Rocks by Fundati
  • Meadow Grass Yellow by Two Moon Gardens
  • Green Ash Tree by Little Branch
  • Waterfall and Pond backdrop by Adobe Images
  • Lighting — Environments, Lumipro, Lightroom, Photoshop
  • Location — Private home. *Daisy Falls is only in my imagination.

Green Fairies

With a garden this magical, surely a leprechaun will be attracted to it. I’d love to find a pot of golden Lindens buried in my yard!

I don’t usually do two posts in one day, but this lovely emerald green dress by PM got my attention. It is on sale TODAY, for 50L during the Hello Tuesday sale.


  • Dress — Sam Dress by PM. Comes with arm wraps. Single Color. 50L for Hello Tuesday
  • Wings — Female Fae Wings by Daniel Whitesong (older item)


Makeup and Nails

Body Basics


  • Fairies Background — Fairies Meeting by Idona’s Decor
  • Pose — Malena by Posesion
  • Rose bush — From the Linden Homes Victorian Content Creation Pack
  • Golden Lights — Screen – Floor – Ceiling Lights by Fantasy Illumination (50 L Hello Tuesday)
  • Lighting Effects — Environments, Lumipro, Lightroom, Photoshop
  • Location — Private Home

Martini Time

My hubby and I have a Friday night tradition of listening to Dean Martin and sipping martinis. This morning at The Willows, Jaffee Gaffer will present two hours of music by the Rat Pack. I love it when real life and virtual life blend so nicely!


  • Dress — Chic Dress by Le’La
  • Necklace — Classic Pearls Necklace by Lazuri
  • Earrings — Pearl Earring Big by Xia’s Boutique (Marketplace)


  • Eyeshadow — Natal HD Eyeshadow by Synergy
  • Lipstick — Whipped Lipstick by Cazimi
  • Blush — Fresh Start Blush by Cazimi
  • Contouring Highlighter — Highlighter and Contour by Guapa