No, You Can’t Have My Pizza

I’m in the process of moving. Most of my inventory is boxed up and in shipping. If I thought it was a mess before….ugh, it will take me forever to get it all sorted. Meanwhile, I’m living out of my camper. I picked up a pizza and a bottle of wine on the way. No time to cook dinner this evening!


  • Top — Isabella Rope Tied Blouse by Hilly Haalan
  • Pants — Boho Jeans by zOOm
  • Shoes — Charlotte Flip Flops by Kunst
  • Jewelry —
    • Lyra Earrings and Necklace set by Cae (Marketplace Only)
  • Makeup —
    • Eyeshadow — Nirvana Eyeshadow by I’nk
    • Lipstick — Gloss Collection by Delicatta
    • Blush — Winter Blush by Izzie’s
  • Body —


  • Pose — Anna Gift 3 by Belle Poses, slightly modified by pizza slice
  • Vintage Coastline Camper and Awning by Muniick
  • Classic Webstrap Lawn Chairs by Muniick
  • Camper Cooler by What Next
  • Provence Picnic Table by What Next
  • TGIF Pizza Night Box Italiano by Circa, includes pizza slice shown in photo
  • Wine Set by Atolye (not currently available)
  • Pedro Dog by Hideki
  • Dog Dishes by ButterflyKim Builds (marketplace)
  • Blonde Beach Grass by CS Furniture (no longer available)
  • Little Tropical Palm III by Fundati
  • 2 Palms by Kazza
  • Location — Private Sim/Willowdale Estate

Easter Surprise

I went out this morning to check on the chickens and I found this adorable bunny sitting in the box. I just love bunnies!

The Blogger at Home

I am spending the day at home catching up on my blogging. I try to work a few days ahead. I actually write two blogs — one in SL and a real life book review blog. Don’t tell me about any amazing sales and freebies today. I need to get some work done!

  • Head — Lelutka — Chloe
  • Body — Maitreya
  • Hair — Truth — Bewkie, browns
  • Top — Hilly Haalan — Sandra Shirt. Comes with a many colored HUD
  • Capris — The Secret Store — Bonnie Capri Pants, black. I love the detailing on these pants. They are my favorite capris!
  • Table/Stool, Pose — kusshon — kopenhagen working desk
  • Computer — Lok’s — 1 Prim Desktop Computer
  • Location — My home. The house shown here is by Greymoon Designs, Harbor Beach House V1
  • Lighting — Nacon’s Natural Noon, Lumipro, Photoshop and sunbeams built into the house

Pretty in Pink Fuel

In my last post, I mentioned going back to my Lelutka head. Then came the hunt for a new skin. My last “regular” skin was from Lara Hurley. I think their skins are perfection! But everyone has strengths and weaknesses in their designs and theirs is no exception. They excel at skins for redheads and blondes, but I wanted to get back to my brunette looks with a moderately tanned skin that looked true to tone. I hunted around for hours in vain, even trying on other Lelutka heads in an effort to mix and match.

But then I remembered Pink Fuel. I absolutely LOVE their cosmetics– one of their lipstick packs I use for my everyday wear– and I knew they had a few skins in the store. I knew I’d found a winner when I tried on the Anja skins.

  • Head — Lelutka — Chloe
  • Body — Maitreya
  • Hair — Stealthic — Ascension
  • Skin — Pink Fuel — Anja II, thin brows, Apricot shade.
  • Lipstick — this is one of the choices in the Anja HUD
  • Outfit — toksik –Airy top and skirt, pink
  • Shoes — Hilly Haalan — Stefania heels, HUD included
  • Backdrop — Foxcity — Tomorrow Photo Booth
  • Pose — beaute — sit2 (This was pulled from an AO I wore many years ago)
  • Location — Backdrop Cove
  • Lighting — Bryn Oh’s Condos in Heaven Sky 2 (which added a slightly pink tinge), Lumipro and a touch of Photoshop

!gO! Orange

I should be unpacking my Friday and Saturday sale purchases as well as everything I got from the two hunts I did this week, but as usual, I got distracted by a sale ad and wandered off to !gO!. I hadn’t been in this store for about three years and was delighted by some of the things I saw. This dress is the current group gift.

Learning to Wear Yellow

In real life, I NEVER wear yellow. My skin has an olive cast and frankly, the color makes me look green. That’s not the best skin color for anyone except maybe a Martian. This made me shy away from wearing yellow in SL, but I’m learning that yellow is a great color against my current favorite skin.

  • Head — Genus — Classic
  • Body — Maitreya
  • Hair — Truth — Yuko, past VIP gift
  • Skin — The Skinnery — Harper, sorbet
  • Makeup — Prada Beauty — Caliente collection (lipstick)
  • Top — Hilly Haalan — Bea Knotted Shirt, tropical pack
  • Skirt — COCO — Suede Fringe Shirt, white
  • Pose — Foxcity — Long Grass Pose, VIP gift
  • Location — private home
  • Lighting — Nacon’s Morning, Lumipro, Photoshop

Hair Today, But Gone

I was digging through my closet, looking at hair I hadn’t worn in years. I came across this cute style by Argrace called Hatsune. The style is a perky chin length cut with wisps the move in the breeze. The braided front is held in place by a colorful scarf, which was a perfect spot of color for my little black dress.

Alas, it seems that Argrace has discontinued selling their older hair. The large store where this photo was taken has a few newer mesh styles.

  • Head — Genus — Classic
  • Hair — Argrace — Hatsune, Browns with scarf includes hair tone and accessory HUDS
  • Body — Maitreya
  • Makeup — E U P H O R I C — Adja eyeshadow (280L) and lipstick (560L)
  • Dress — Hilly Haalan — Alice Dress, Black. Past group gift
  • Pose — Apple Fall — Fulwood Sofa included pose
  • Location — Argrace store
  • Lighting — Daytime shadows and Lumipro. No Photoshop other than cropping.