Daisy Falls

I love daisies and collect daisy themed items. This dress by Belle Epoch was a 2023 New Year’s Eve Hunt item. I put it aside until it was warm enough to wear. Paired with a few other daisy themed items, it makes a perfect outfit! I just had to go to Daisy Falls* to snap this selfie.


  • Dress — Daniela by Belle Epoch, 2023 NYE Hunt edition
  • Wreath — Gerbera Daisy Wreath, Delicate Pink and Blue by Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions
  • Earrings — Daisy Earrings by Pr!tty (Store is temporarily closed)
  • Makeup —
    • Eyeshadow — Nirvana Eyeshadow by I’nk (Marketplace)
    • Lipstick — Girl Gloss 2 by Shiny Stuffs
    • Eyelashes — Aura Lash 1 by Renna
    • Blush — August Highlighter Pink by Cazimi
    • Nails — Spring Abstract by Nail It Good (no longer available)
  • Body —


  • Pose — Statue 4 by PosESioN, with the daisy hold override
  • Sunshine Pond by Two Moon Gardens
  • Lily Pads by Jian
  • Rocks by Fundati
  • Meadow Grass Yellow by Two Moon Gardens
  • Green Ash Tree by Little Branch
  • Waterfall and Pond backdrop by Adobe Images
  • Lighting — Environments, Lumipro, Lightroom, Photoshop
  • Location — Private home. *Daisy Falls is only in my imagination.

In the Garden With Buddha

The inspiration for this image came from two items I bought on sale over the last few days. The first was the No_Zen hair by No_Match, and the other was this beautiful kimono style dress by Fire Within, purchased during this week’s 25L Tuesday sale.


  • Clothing – Misaki Dress by Fire Within (25L), includes multi-pattern HUD
  • Jewelry —
    • Earrings — Vintage Flower Enamel Earrings by Dark Mouse
    • Necklace — Sweet Spring Necklace by Dark Mouse
  • Makeup —
    • Eyeshadow — FLF Vibrant Eye Makeup 1 by Belleza
    • Lipstick — Cordoba Lipstick by Synergy
    • Blush — Everyday Blush Apricot by Izzie’s
  • Body


Tidying The Gardening Shed

Getting the Gardening Shed Ready For Spring

Spring is in the air, finally! I spent the morning cleaning out the gardening shed and getting it ready for spring planting. I swept out the cobwebs, dust and debris and washed out the pots. I brought a few plants out that I started indoors. They’re still protected from the wind, but exposure to the outside will toughen them up for planting.


  • Potting Shed — Potting Shed by LouChara
  • Gardening Table –Gardening Table by Bloom!
  • Dirt and Pots — Potting Set by Bearsfoot
  • Potting Trays — Spring Gardening by Ancayi (Not currently available)
  • Line of Trees — 1 Prim Forest by Love Superstore
  • Small Tree — Prunus Ukon by Hayabusa Design
  • Large Trees — Summer Oak tree by Fundati
  • Grass — Spring Fling Meadow by Lunaria
  • Walkway — Cobblestone Path by Jian
  • Ground Texture — Seamless Ground Terrain by Fundati
  • Location — Private Home
  • Lighting and Special Effects — Environments, Lightroom, Photoshop (includes sky replacement)

Salmon-Pink Flower

Mixed Reality Flower in Salmon Pink

This is a mixed reality image. The flower photo was taken at Luane’s Magical World. I then paired it with real life images of leaves from one of my royalty free image sources. I did a little tweaking in Photoshop and set the finished composition against a black background.


  • Location — Luane’s Magical World
  • Flower — Anemone Giant Flower, Dark Pink by ANC, Ltd
  • Lighting and Special Effects — Second Life® and Photoshop (Mixed Reality)