Rabbits Eat Free

The bunnies in my yard are getting ready getting ready for Easter. They’ve been painting eggs and have left them out to dry in the sun. They have to get started early because there are so many eggs to decorate! They better hurry — there are only two weeks left until the big day.


Tidying The Gardening Shed

Getting the Gardening Shed Ready For Spring

Spring is in the air, finally! I spent the morning cleaning out the gardening shed and getting it ready for spring planting. I swept out the cobwebs, dust and debris and washed out the pots. I brought a few plants out that I started indoors. They’re still protected from the wind, but exposure to the outside will toughen them up for planting.


  • Potting Shed — Potting Shed by LouChara
  • Gardening Table –Gardening Table by Bloom!
  • Dirt and Pots — Potting Set by Bearsfoot
  • Potting Trays — Spring Gardening by Ancayi (Not currently available)
  • Line of Trees — 1 Prim Forest by Love Superstore
  • Small Tree — Prunus Ukon by Hayabusa Design
  • Large Trees — Summer Oak tree by Fundati
  • Grass — Spring Fling Meadow by Lunaria
  • Walkway — Cobblestone Path by Jian
  • Ground Texture — Seamless Ground Terrain by Fundati
  • Location — Private Home
  • Lighting and Special Effects — Environments, Lightroom, Photoshop (includes sky replacement)