The idea for this photo came to me when I found this stunning dress on sale at Belle Epoch a couple weeks ago. Luckily, I had the backdrop and pose filed carefully away, so I could find them!


  • Dress — Malena White by Belle Epoch
  • Jewelry — Julia Mesh Earring by Lovecat Store
  • Makeup —
    • Eyeshadow — Shadow 196 by Slack Girl (apparently no longer available)
    • Lipstick — Shaniqua Lipsticks by Ravencreation
    • Blush — August Highlighter Gold by Cazimi
    • Tattoo — Maryh gold tatto by AseRiz (Marketplace)
  • Nails — Golden Designs Nail Kit by Dalila
  • Body Basics —


  • Backdrop — Aeonian by Foxcity
  • Pose — Effortless Set by Foxcity
  • Lighting — Environments, Lumipro, Lightroom, Photoshop

Rabbits Eat Free

The bunnies in my yard are getting ready getting ready for Easter. They’ve been painting eggs and have left them out to dry in the sun. They have to get started early because there are so many eggs to decorate! They better hurry — there are only two weeks left until the big day.



Every artist needs time to contemplate and dream up new ideas. I spent a couple of days sorting inventory (a dreadful job) and found a few recent acquisitions that sparked my imagination. The ideas flowed out of my head and into my surroundings.

There are current sales and hunt items, plus group gifts in this photo. See listings below.


  • Robe — Love Robe by Scandalize. GROUP GIFT. The robe comes with a multi-HUD and it sparkles!!
  • Makeup –
    • Eyeshadow — Windy HD Eyeshadow by Top1Salon
    • Lipstick — Bold Glossy HD Lipstick by Belleza
    • Blush — Must Blush Collection by Fontaine Cosmetics. Current 99L Sale.
  • Body Basics


  • Tent with Poses — Starry Skies Tent. This is the Unik Event group gift. Group is free to join. Includes laptop pose shown. Event runs until April 2, 2023
  • Fantasy Grass in front — Grass Puti Lavender by rica Andel. I’m not sure where or when I got this. She has several shops listed in her profile.
  • Shrubs — Clover Shrub Purple and Clover Shrub Pink by Lunaria. This is a St. Patty’s Day Hunt Prize. 5L each. Hunt continues through March 31, 2023.
  • Pink Grass at back — Magictouched Fluffy by Dysfunctionality
  • Dome — Midnight Moments by LuluB! Current Slept on Sales item, 70L
  • Lighting — Environments, Lumipro, Lightroom, Photoshop

Lovely Lavender

Happy First Day of Spring! Spring makes me think of all of the lovely floral colors, especially lavender. I found this dress on sale this weekend at Just Because. As of this posting, the dresses are still available at the Saturday Sale price of 100L each. The single color options were all lovely pastel shades, but this one found its way into my shopping cart.

The earrings by Dark Mouse are also still available at the weekend sale price of 50L.



  • Backdrop — April Group Gift by Minimal (FREE if group member, group is currently 350L)
  • Pose — 04F by Maddox Poses
  • Lighting — Environments, Lumipro, Lightroom, Photoshop

I Love My Plants

My houseplants are starting to look a little winter weary. After a brief morning shower, the sun is coming out and it is predicted to be a fine day. I’m taking my houseplants out onto the front porch to get a little sunshine.

My dress is an absolutely wonderful FREE gift for anyone in the FabFree group, which is also free to join. The HUD has colors and patterns for just about any mood. There are solid, gingham, polka dot and tropical options. Just wear your FabFree tag and head over to Petry Model Store. There are more group gifts and a ton of discounted items there, too!

Also note that the skin I’m wearing is the current group gift from Seven (7DS). Currently the group is 425L to join.



Makeup and Nails

  • Eyeshadow — Natal HD Eyeshadow by Synergy
  • Lipstick — Simone Balm Lips by Alexandrite
  • Nails — Classic Ombre Nails by Veechi

Body Basics

  • Body — Lara by Maitreya
  • Head — Kaya EvoX by Lelutka
  • Skin — Magnolia Caramel (2020) by Seven (7DS) — MARCH 2023 Group Gift
  • Eyes — Foster Eyes by BNNB
  • Hair — Nyla FLF Edition by Wasabi


  • House and Porch
    • Pose and Props — I Love My Plants by LW Bento Poses
    • Rocking Chair — Reading Chair Green by Bloom
    • Hanging Plant — Hanging Plant Pothos by Artisan Fancy
    • House — Woodpecker Cottage by DaD
    • Curtains — Draped Curtains by What Next
  • Yard
    • Small Garden — Veggie Garden by Funky Junk (no longer available)
    • Tree — Sakura Cherry Blossom Tree by HPMD
  • Lighting
    • Environments, Lumipro, Lightroom, Photoshop

!gO! West

I was doing my Friday bargain hunting when I saw a woman wearing this outfit. I complimented her on it, she thanked me and told me that it was a rare Gacha prize from !gO! We talked a little and then parted ways. About 10 minutes later, she offered to sell it to me for an incredible price. I leaped at the chance! I also made a new friend in the exchange. It was a complete WIN!!

  • Head — Lelutka — Chloe
  • Body — Maitreya
  • Skin — Pink Fuel — Anja II, Apricot
  • Outfit — Hat/hair, top, skirt, boots are the Rare 3 prize from !gO! Dolly Cowgirl gacha.
  • Pose /Horse — Fashiowl — My White Horse. This was a Valentine gift
  • Location — A friend’s private property. Thank you, Iz!
  • Lighting — Phototools Angles light, Lumipro, Photoshop, Corel Painter

The Wild Coast

I love wild, untamed beaches. They remind me of childhood vacations in New England. I’ve been creating a wild beach on my Homestead. It’s my happy place.

  • Head — Lelutka — Chloe
  • Body — Maitreya — Laura
  • Skin — Pink Fuel — Anja II, apricot
  • Hair — Pr!tty — Avy, browns. This was a gift at Chapter 4 last year. Yes, I just opened the box!
  • Top — Have Unequal — Valerie Top, White. This was also a 2018 Chapter 4 gift
  • Shorts — Siss Boom — jealous in brown. I got this as a sale item last year.
  • Pose — Le Poppycock — Shipwreck — Off the Coast. Gacha item, 75L
  • Location — Private property
  • Lighting — Euphoria Sunset #2, Lumipro, Just a touch of Photoshop to brighten it

!gO! Orange

I should be unpacking my Friday and Saturday sale purchases as well as everything I got from the two hunts I did this week, but as usual, I got distracted by a sale ad and wandered off to !gO!. I hadn’t been in this store for about three years and was delighted by some of the things I saw. This dress is the current group gift.

Learning to Wear Yellow

In real life, I NEVER wear yellow. My skin has an olive cast and frankly, the color makes me look green. That’s not the best skin color for anyone except maybe a Martian. This made me shy away from wearing yellow in SL, but I’m learning that yellow is a great color against my current favorite skin.

  • Head — Genus — Classic
  • Body — Maitreya
  • Hair — Truth — Yuko, past VIP gift
  • Skin — The Skinnery — Harper, sorbet
  • Makeup — Prada Beauty — Caliente collection (lipstick)
  • Top — Hilly Haalan — Bea Knotted Shirt, tropical pack
  • Skirt — COCO — Suede Fringe Shirt, white
  • Pose — Foxcity — Long Grass Pose, VIP gift
  • Location — private home
  • Lighting — Nacon’s Morning, Lumipro, Photoshop

Hair Today, But Gone

I was digging through my closet, looking at hair I hadn’t worn in years. I came across this cute style by Argrace called Hatsune. The style is a perky chin length cut with wisps the move in the breeze. The braided front is held in place by a colorful scarf, which was a perfect spot of color for my little black dress.

Alas, it seems that Argrace has discontinued selling their older hair. The large store where this photo was taken has a few newer mesh styles.

  • Head — Genus — Classic
  • Hair — Argrace — Hatsune, Browns with scarf includes hair tone and accessory HUDS
  • Body — Maitreya
  • Makeup — E U P H O R I C — Adja eyeshadow (280L) and lipstick (560L)
  • Dress — Hilly Haalan — Alice Dress, Black. Past group gift
  • Pose — Apple Fall — Fulwood Sofa included pose
  • Location — Argrace store
  • Lighting — Daytime shadows and Lumipro. No Photoshop other than cropping.