Rose Tea and Macarons

That cat is trying to use mind control to get at the macarons under glass. Good luck, buddy.


  • Outfit — Unbothered Top, Jeans, Boots by Blueberry
  • Makeup —
    • Eyeshadow — FLF Subtle Eyeshadow by Belleza
    • Lipstick — Axiom Lipstick by Cazimi
    • Blush — Everyday Blush by Izzie’s
  • Nails — Long Stiletto Hold Nails by Alaia
  • Body —


No, You Can’t Have My Pizza

I’m in the process of moving. Most of my inventory is boxed up and in shipping. If I thought it was a mess before….ugh, it will take me forever to get it all sorted. Meanwhile, I’m living out of my camper. I picked up a pizza and a bottle of wine on the way. No time to cook dinner this evening!


  • Top — Isabella Rope Tied Blouse by Hilly Haalan
  • Pants — Boho Jeans by zOOm
  • Shoes — Charlotte Flip Flops by Kunst
  • Jewelry —
    • Lyra Earrings and Necklace set by Cae (Marketplace Only)
  • Makeup —
    • Eyeshadow — Nirvana Eyeshadow by I’nk
    • Lipstick — Gloss Collection by Delicatta
    • Blush — Winter Blush by Izzie’s
  • Body —


  • Pose — Anna Gift 3 by Belle Poses, slightly modified by pizza slice
  • Vintage Coastline Camper and Awning by Muniick
  • Classic Webstrap Lawn Chairs by Muniick
  • Camper Cooler by What Next
  • Provence Picnic Table by What Next
  • TGIF Pizza Night Box Italiano by Circa, includes pizza slice shown in photo
  • Wine Set by Atolye (not currently available)
  • Pedro Dog by Hideki
  • Dog Dishes by ButterflyKim Builds (marketplace)
  • Blonde Beach Grass by CS Furniture (no longer available)
  • Little Tropical Palm III by Fundati
  • 2 Palms by Kazza
  • Location — Private Sim/Willowdale Estate

Rabbits Eat Free

The bunnies in my yard are getting ready getting ready for Easter. They’ve been painting eggs and have left them out to dry in the sun. They have to get started early because there are so many eggs to decorate! They better hurry — there are only two weeks left until the big day.


Martini Time

My hubby and I have a Friday night tradition of listening to Dean Martin and sipping martinis. This morning at The Willows, Jaffee Gaffer will present two hours of music by the Rat Pack. I love it when real life and virtual life blend so nicely!


  • Dress — Chic Dress by Le’La
  • Necklace — Classic Pearls Necklace by Lazuri
  • Earrings — Pearl Earring Big by Xia’s Boutique (Marketplace)


  • Eyeshadow — Natal HD Eyeshadow by Synergy
  • Lipstick — Whipped Lipstick by Cazimi
  • Blush — Fresh Start Blush by Cazimi
  • Contouring Highlighter — Highlighter and Contour by Guapa



What a Doll!

It’s Barbie’s Birthday! When I was a kid, I had a Barbie, but her wardrobe was so pitiful, she wasn’t much fun. The girl down the street, however, had several small suitcases stuffed with glitzy, glamorous clothing and accessories. I probably drove her nuts when I went over there, asking to play Barbie, just to borrow some of her doll’s outfits.

Today is also the Grand Re-Opening of my blog, Excessories. Since I’m a Second Life Shopaholic, I have an overflowing, excessive inventory. Forget trying to stay under (mumble-mumble thousand) items. I’m blowing the lid off by doing even more shopping, then unpacking, sorting and sharing photos of my goodies, most of which I’ve acquired during the many sales and giveaways by generous creators.

I’m very good at shopping and hunting, but my sorting tends to lag, so there will be a lot of older items in these photos, some of which may no longer be available.

As for what’s shown above? Let’s GO!


  • Clothing —
    • Top and Skirt — Avanny Outfit by Le’La.
    • Boots — Evelyn V2 Boots by Phedora
  • Makeup and Nails —
    • Eyeshadow — Alaska Eyeshadow UltraHD by Ravencreation
    • Lipstick — Soft Winter Lipstick by Izzie’s
    • Contouring — Highlighter and Contouring by Guapa
    • Blush — Fresh Start Blush by Cazimi
    • Other — Face Pebbles by Misteria
    • Body Glitter — Kaylee Body Glitter by Beautiful Dirty Rich
    • Nails — Ballerina Classic Colors Nails by Avada
  • Body Etc.


  • Background — Pink Sunset Skybox by Bueno
  • Dollhouse and Footstool — Suitcase Dollhouse by Kei Spot
  • Rabbit in Kimono — Usagi Doll Blue by RH Design House
  • Chair — Easter Elegance Chair by Circa
  • Potted Plant — Potted Purple Hibiscus by Park Place
  • Dragonfly — Mosaic Dragonfly Wall Decor Pink by Simply Shelby
  • Bird Cage — Bird Cage Pink by BS House
  • Donut Planter — Quirky Planters, Donut by Dust Bunny
  • Puppet on Floor — Pinocchio Animesh by Dust
  • Folded Clothing on Shelves — Closet Clutter by Atelier Burgundy
  • Books — Bunny Books Decor by Merak
  • Statue — Concrete Bunny Statue by Half Deer
  • Small Planter — Silver Bunny Planter by Celeste
  • Pose –Stun 4 by Avril
  • Lighting — Environments, Lumipro, Lightroom, Photoshop

The Magic of Reading

I love books! Reading a book can be so magical; it can whisk me away to new places, even while I’m stuck at home. When I’m not in world, I do a lot of reading.

This wonderful Paper Magic pose prop set was on sale last weekend at Disorderly for 75L. The flying pose I got free at a past La Vie en Pose event. It isn’t too late to grab some free poses at the current La Vie en Pose, which is open until April 25, 2020. The gifts are quite generous!

  • Body — Maitreya
  • Head — Genus Project — Classic
  • Hair — Truth — Astra
  • Skin — Pink Fuel — Delina, Biscuit shade
  • Glasses — Role Optic — SG 31 Sunny Women’s, available on Marketplace
  • Outfit — Witchwood — T-Shirt, Ostara Boho Tee and Ombre Denim Shorts. These are from the most recent Witchwood Hunt. Prices per item varied but all were 25L or less.
  • Shoes — Basta! Footwear — Just summer flats, Rose/Gold. Past sale item
  • Pose — *AAP*— Free to Fly. Past event GIFT.
  • Props — Disorderly — Paper Magic. 75L this past weekend on the Saturday Sale
  • Bookcase — Mistique — Library bookcase. I know I got this on sale, but don’t remember when.
  • Book Stack — Sways — Willow stack of books, boho.
  • Hanging Lamp — 3rd Eye Perceptions — Dusklight Lantern. There were three options in the pack and they were on sale this past 50L Energy Weekend sale. They are still available as of this posting.
  • Lighting — Jean’s Gothic Winter, Lumipro and Photoshop
  • Location — Private Home


I didn’t notice the unicorn behind me until I developed my film. What a nice surprise!

I got the dress I’m wearing in the Spring Hunt. It’s by Seniha and there are prizes from other stores, too. I love the sparkly pink fabric!

  • Body — Maitreya
  • Head — Genus Project — Classic
  • Skin — Pink Fuel — Delina, Biscuit shade
  • Lipstick — Cheap & Chic — Juicy Lipstick
  • Hair — Lamb — Brunette — Heart with Roses and Crown. On sale this weekend, 75L
  • Dress — Seniha — Dalia Dress v2. Current Spring Hunt Prize, 15L.
  • Swing — Raindale — Meadowtwirl v2. On sale this weekend for 50L
  • Wisteria — Love — Wisteria Tree. Part of a set of trees. On sale this weekend for 50L
  • Unicorn — Love Everlasting
  • Lighting — A mix of Windlight settings, Lumipro and Photoshop
  • Location — Private Home

Marking Time

Strange Treasure

Some strange treasure washed up on me beach. It be holdin’ a bit o’ the briny deep without leakin’ out. Shiver me timbers down to me bones!