Green Fairies

With a garden this magical, surely a leprechaun will be attracted to it. I’d love to find a pot of golden Lindens buried in my yard!

I don’t usually do two posts in one day, but this lovely emerald green dress by PM got my attention. It is on sale TODAY, for 50L during the Hello Tuesday sale.


  • Dress — Sam Dress by PM. Comes with arm wraps. Single Color. 50L for Hello Tuesday
  • Wings — Female Fae Wings by Daniel Whitesong (older item)


Makeup and Nails

Body Basics


  • Fairies Background — Fairies Meeting by Idona’s Decor
  • Pose — Malena by Posesion
  • Rose bush — From the Linden Homes Victorian Content Creation Pack
  • Golden Lights — Screen – Floor – Ceiling Lights by Fantasy Illumination (50 L Hello Tuesday)
  • Lighting Effects — Environments, Lumipro, Lightroom, Photoshop
  • Location — Private Home

Easter Sunday Drive


  • Body — Maitreya
  • Head — Genus Project — Classic
  • Skin — Pink Fuel — Delina, Biscuit shade
  • Hair — Truth — Euphoria, Fatpack — Group Gift
  • Bunny Face Makeup — Izzie’s Applier Bunny Makeup HUD. Past sale item
  • Bunny Ears — in.Sanity Designs — Bunny Ear Headband — Group Gift — Group is FREE to join
  • Outfit — [WellMade] — Overalls, Maitreya — Bunny Hop Hunt Prize, 2020
  • Bunny Buggy — MadPeaEaster Egg Hunt prize, 2020
  • Background — G^G Design — Flower Cottage Furnished, past weekend sale item
  • Lighting — Nacon’s Sweet Dawn, Lumipro, Photoshop
  • Location — Private Home

Strange Treasure

Some strange treasure washed up on me beach. It be holdin’ a bit o’ the briny deep without leakin’ out. Shiver me timbers down to me bones!

Goldfish Bowl

This photo shoot started with an Around the Grid in 80 Days hunt item from Lunar Seasonal Designs. The prize was a lovely goldfish bowl, which I was able to enlarge and swim inside. This rock is perfect for lounging and the goldfish and I are having a lovely visit. I’m sure it gets lonely swimming around and around by himself.


I found this Great White shark at JIAN’s Saturday sale. He is so cute I just had to take him for a swim!

Pink Pirate

Arrghhh….Some freebooter stole me barrel o’ pink daiquiris! I’m on the lookout. That hornswaggler’s gonna be shark bait!

Burgers on the 4th

I offered to help Faleen with the 4th of July party preparations at The Willows. She asked me to check on the burgers, but I don’t know much about cooking.

Uh….Can you cook burgers with a sparkler?

  • Head — Genus — Classic
  • Body — Maitreya
  • Skin — The Skinnery — Harper, Sorbet
  • Hair — Stealthic –– Dawn, browns
  • Outfit — Legendaire — Firework Outfit 49 L special today! It comes with a HUD and white thigh high boots as well
  • Sparkler — Cole’s Corner — Sizzling Sparklers, Spangle
  • Location — The Willows. THE best club in Second Life! Come for the fun, stay for the friendships.
  • Set and Pose — Kraftwork Beach Burger Shack
  • Lighting — Phototools — Dream Book Light 02 and Lumipro

Grecian Goddess

Hi, I’m Melody, or Mel as some call me, and like my friend Em, I am a Second Life Shopoholic. I look at my growing inventory and tell myself, ok Mel, that’ll do! But I just can’t help myself. Second Life is so full of beauty and creativity I want to snatch it all up. Plus, I like to look pretty! With an inventory pushing 200,000 items I decided, it’s time to revisit it, and shop my own closet.


Head——Genus Babyface

Hair—–Truth Cheri in Red (of course!)

Makeup——Arte May Eyeshadow, Izzie’s Classic Lipstick

Eyes——Euphoric Anitta Eye Applier

Dress——Goddess Apparel Hera Toga

Prop——Luanes World Grecian Wall pose with prop