Rose Tea and Macarons

That cat is trying to use mind control to get at the macarons under glass. Good luck, buddy.


  • Outfit — Unbothered Top, Jeans, Boots by Blueberry
  • Makeup —
    • Eyeshadow — FLF Subtle Eyeshadow by Belleza
    • Lipstick — Axiom Lipstick by Cazimi
    • Blush — Everyday Blush by Izzie’s
  • Nails — Long Stiletto Hold Nails by Alaia
  • Body —



After much sweating and swearing, I finally got my ass in gear. Dobby is on his way home. I think he just wants his feed.

But I have to tell you, this is the most amazing makeup. Despite all of the work it took to get Dobby going, my makeup is in perfect shape! I heartily recommend the designers.


  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
    • Earrings and Necklace — Mosaic Rose Earrings and Necklace by Earthstones
  • Makeup
    • Eyeshadow — Smoky Eyes by Ravencreation
    • Lipstick — 15 Lips Ultra Realistic Lelutka Evox #72 by Lempika
    • Blush — Winter Blush by Izzie’s
    • Freckles — Freckles 012 by Lelutka
  • Nails
  • Hair and Hat
    • No_Horses by No_Match, Essentials HUD
  • Body Basics



I… have got to… get this…stubborn beast…home! My donkey, Dobby, wandered off the ranch early this morning while I was busy putting on my makeup. I finally found him, but he absolutely refuses to go anywhere! I’m hot and thirsty and have another mile to go. I brought a few carrots, his favorite treats, but he’s eaten all of those. I need a donkey whisperer!


  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
    • Earrings and Necklace — Mosaic Rose Earrings and Necklace by Earthstones
  • Makeup
    • Eyeshadow — Smoky Eyes by Ravencreation
    • Lipstick — 15 Lips Ultra Realistic Lelutka Evox #72 by Lempika
    • Blush — Winter Blush by Izzie’s
    • Freckles — Freckles 012 by Lelutka
  • Nails
  • Hair and Hat
  • Body Basics


  • Backdrop — Montana Turbine Rd by Synnergy Tavis
  • Pose and Prop — Donkey Business by DPSP
  • Lighting — Environments, Lumipro, Lightoom, Photoshop

I Love My Plants

My houseplants are starting to look a little winter weary. After a brief morning shower, the sun is coming out and it is predicted to be a fine day. I’m taking my houseplants out onto the front porch to get a little sunshine.

My dress is an absolutely wonderful FREE gift for anyone in the FabFree group, which is also free to join. The HUD has colors and patterns for just about any mood. There are solid, gingham, polka dot and tropical options. Just wear your FabFree tag and head over to Petry Model Store. There are more group gifts and a ton of discounted items there, too!

Also note that the skin I’m wearing is the current group gift from Seven (7DS). Currently the group is 425L to join.



Makeup and Nails

  • Eyeshadow — Natal HD Eyeshadow by Synergy
  • Lipstick — Simone Balm Lips by Alexandrite
  • Nails — Classic Ombre Nails by Veechi

Body Basics

  • Body — Lara by Maitreya
  • Head — Kaya EvoX by Lelutka
  • Skin — Magnolia Caramel (2020) by Seven (7DS) — MARCH 2023 Group Gift
  • Eyes — Foster Eyes by BNNB
  • Hair — Nyla FLF Edition by Wasabi


  • House and Porch
    • Pose and Props — I Love My Plants by LW Bento Poses
    • Rocking Chair — Reading Chair Green by Bloom
    • Hanging Plant — Hanging Plant Pothos by Artisan Fancy
    • House — Woodpecker Cottage by DaD
    • Curtains — Draped Curtains by What Next
  • Yard
    • Small Garden — Veggie Garden by Funky Junk (no longer available)
    • Tree — Sakura Cherry Blossom Tree by HPMD
  • Lighting
    • Environments, Lumipro, Lightroom, Photoshop


While digging around in my inventory, I came across the 2022 Lelutka EvoX Raven head. I also found the Eve skin by The Skinnery to go with it. Both were very generous gifts from Lelutka. I told you that I don’t unpack and organize in a timely fashion!

I tried out the various skin tones and liked the bronze tone the best. I also adjusted the shape that came with it. She reminds me of a very early version of Em (or as close as I could get to this look in 2008!) Meet Camille.


  • Dress and Boots — Claramente Sweater and Boots by Scandalize

Makeup and Nails

  • Eyeshadow and Lipstick — Barbie by Sugarose
  • Blush — Fresh Start Blush by Cazimi
  • Nails — Crescent Soft Polish by ZOZ (no longer available)

Body Basics


  • Backdrop — Lovely Flowers by Belle Poses (past weekend sale)
  • Pose — Deise by Belle Poses
  • Lighting — Environments, Lightroom

What a Doll!

It’s Barbie’s Birthday! When I was a kid, I had a Barbie, but her wardrobe was so pitiful, she wasn’t much fun. The girl down the street, however, had several small suitcases stuffed with glitzy, glamorous clothing and accessories. I probably drove her nuts when I went over there, asking to play Barbie, just to borrow some of her doll’s outfits.

Today is also the Grand Re-Opening of my blog, Excessories. Since I’m a Second Life Shopaholic, I have an overflowing, excessive inventory. Forget trying to stay under (mumble-mumble thousand) items. I’m blowing the lid off by doing even more shopping, then unpacking, sorting and sharing photos of my goodies, most of which I’ve acquired during the many sales and giveaways by generous creators.

I’m very good at shopping and hunting, but my sorting tends to lag, so there will be a lot of older items in these photos, some of which may no longer be available.

As for what’s shown above? Let’s GO!


  • Clothing —
    • Top and Skirt — Avanny Outfit by Le’La.
    • Boots — Evelyn V2 Boots by Phedora
  • Makeup and Nails —
    • Eyeshadow — Alaska Eyeshadow UltraHD by Ravencreation
    • Lipstick — Soft Winter Lipstick by Izzie’s
    • Contouring — Highlighter and Contouring by Guapa
    • Blush — Fresh Start Blush by Cazimi
    • Other — Face Pebbles by Misteria
    • Body Glitter — Kaylee Body Glitter by Beautiful Dirty Rich
    • Nails — Ballerina Classic Colors Nails by Avada
  • Body Etc.


  • Background — Pink Sunset Skybox by Bueno
  • Dollhouse and Footstool — Suitcase Dollhouse by Kei Spot
  • Rabbit in Kimono — Usagi Doll Blue by RH Design House
  • Chair — Easter Elegance Chair by Circa
  • Potted Plant — Potted Purple Hibiscus by Park Place
  • Dragonfly — Mosaic Dragonfly Wall Decor Pink by Simply Shelby
  • Bird Cage — Bird Cage Pink by BS House
  • Donut Planter — Quirky Planters, Donut by Dust Bunny
  • Puppet on Floor — Pinocchio Animesh by Dust
  • Folded Clothing on Shelves — Closet Clutter by Atelier Burgundy
  • Books — Bunny Books Decor by Merak
  • Statue — Concrete Bunny Statue by Half Deer
  • Small Planter — Silver Bunny Planter by Celeste
  • Pose –Stun 4 by Avril
  • Lighting — Environments, Lumipro, Lightroom, Photoshop

Wishing for Spring

When I was little, if my mother was cold, she made me put on a sweater. I hated that! But, here I am making Em do that. It’s a chilly and breezy day today, so Em has to stay warm too.

I purchased this sweater and skirt set from Beyond a few weeks ago. It was on sale, with each piece priced separately. I couldn’t make up my mind which ones I wanted, so I ended up splurging on the fat pack. It was also sale-priced, so it wasn’t too much of a splurge!

I chose transitional colors — a bit of gray for the sky (and my mood) and pink for comforting hope of spring.



Body Basics


  • Backdrop — Framed Booth with Lights by Foxcity (2017 group gift)
  • Pose — Female Woman Pack by Amitie
  • Lighting — Environments, Lightroom, Lumipro

Born to be Mild

I’m a total klutz in both worlds. Every time I try to fly or drive in SL, I run into things. But this scooter was too cute–and cheap– to pass up. And I can stand still and pose on it!

There are three Fifty Linden Friday items from 08/16/19 in this shot. They are noted as FLF below.

  • Head — Lelutka — Chloe
  • Body — Maitreya
  • Hair — Magika — Rowan
  • Jacket/Top — Pixicat — Biker Top. FLF. Both black and brown jackets included with multi-choice HUD for top.
  • Jeans — Blueberry — Evie Jeans
  • Boots — Friday — Shadow Boots, Storm. FLF
  • Sunglasses — Nanika — Daria Sunglasses
  • Scooter — what next — Vacanza wearable scooter. There are two separate HUD options, pastels and darks. This is from the pastel collection. FLF
  • Location — Malaika Park
  • Lighting — Nacon’s Afternoon, Lumipro, Photoshop

Strange Treasure

Some strange treasure washed up on me beach. It be holdin’ a bit o’ the briny deep without leakin’ out. Shiver me timbers down to me bones!

!gO! West

I was doing my Friday bargain hunting when I saw a woman wearing this outfit. I complimented her on it, she thanked me and told me that it was a rare Gacha prize from !gO! We talked a little and then parted ways. About 10 minutes later, she offered to sell it to me for an incredible price. I leaped at the chance! I also made a new friend in the exchange. It was a complete WIN!!

  • Head — Lelutka — Chloe
  • Body — Maitreya
  • Skin — Pink Fuel — Anja II, Apricot
  • Outfit — Hat/hair, top, skirt, boots are the Rare 3 prize from !gO! Dolly Cowgirl gacha.
  • Pose /Horse — Fashiowl — My White Horse. This was a Valentine gift
  • Location — A friend’s private property. Thank you, Iz!
  • Lighting — Phototools Angles light, Lumipro, Photoshop, Corel Painter