Divine Diva

I was inspired to create this outfit by today’s event at my favorite club, The Willows. DJ extraordinaire Jaffee Gaffer presented two hours of music by Divine Divas. The jumpsuit and jacket was on sale last weekend at PM for 60L and was absolutely perfect for this event. In fact, everything shown here, other than body, skin and hair, I purchased on sale at various times.


  • Outfit —
    • Jumpsuit and Jacket — Dominique Fur Jacket and Dominique Jumpsuit by PM
    • Shoes — Ginna Stiletto by Le’La
    • Necklace — Lola necklace by Kunglers
    • Earrings — Annoushka Black Diamonds earrings by Maxi Gossamer
  • Makeup and Nails
  • Body


Don’t Eat the Tomato!

Get that fork away from me! EEEEEK!!!!

  • Avatar — The Silas Gallery — Tomato Avatar. I picked this up on sale at an event (I think it was Shiny Shabby) a couple months ago for a ridiculously low price. I’m sitting in the bowl, but the tomato has legs and can walk around.
  • Salad Bowl — What Next — Palisades Salad Bowl (enlarged for the photo shoot)
  • Backdrop — Bazar — Arizona Kitchen
  • Pose — I just used a standard sit pose
  • Lighting — CaIWL, Photoshop
  • Location — Backdrop Cove