Leftover Eggs and Cookies

Easter Is Over Too Quickly!

Unlike the winter holidays, which seem to drag on forever, Easter snuck up on me and then was over too quickly! It seems like I just got my house decorated and now it’s time to take it all down again. But I still have a lot of leftover colored eggs and cookies. Anyone want to come over and help me eat them?


  • Kitchen Counter and Decor —
    • Counter — DIY Kitchen by Pitaya
  • Bakers Rack and decor —
    • Cake Stand — Easter Cakes Stand by Follow Us
    • Blender — Coraline Blender by Muniick
    • Basket — Rolling Pins Basket by Kraftwork
    • Bowls — Kitchen Decor Gacha Plates 2 by Bee Designs
    • Plates — Stack of Plates (not currently available)
    • Microwave — Coraline Microwave Oven by Muniick
    • Cutting Boards — Farm Kitchen Clutter, cutting boards by Kraftwork
  • Shelf Left — Easter Spring Wall Art Shelf Decor 4 by Townies (Marketplace)
  • Shelf Right — Anne Kitchen Shelf by Broken Arrows
  • Wall Clock — Country Life Wall Clock by CJ Creations (Marketplace)
  • Bunny — Cute Bunnies, Cooker by Your Dreams
  • Daisies — Daisy Bouquet Rattan Pot by Athy Designs
  • House — Houseboat, Red by Your Dreams
  • Lighting and Special Effects — Environments, Lightroom, Photoshop
  • Location — Private Home

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