Feeding My Bunnies

It’s A Big Job To Feed All Of My Rabbits

My garden isn’t ready to harvest yet, so I brought a basket of veggies out to feed my bunnies. I have a lot of bunnies, most of which aren’t even in this photo. I think there may be one or two shy ones hiding behind the giant Easter egg.



  • Rabbit Hutch — Hutch with Bunny Family by CJ Creations
  • Fence — Grunge Fence by Celeste
  • Egg Cart/Bunny — Cute Bunnies, Conquer by Your Dreams
  • Bunny House — Mr & Mrs Easter Bunny Egg House by Simply Shelby
  • Purple Egg — Garden Easter Egg, Purple by Simply Shelby
  • Egg Tree — Easter Egg Tree by MadPea Productions
  • Grass — Fairy Grass 1 by Raindale
  • Basket of Vegetables — Vegetables Basket by Lorien
  • Pose — Isabella by Serendipity (with Animare adjustment)
  • Lighting — Environments, Lightroom, Photoshop (includes sky replacement)
  • Location — Private Home

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