Tidying The Gardening Shed

Getting the Gardening Shed Ready For Spring

Spring is in the air, finally! I spent the morning cleaning out the gardening shed and getting it ready for spring planting. I swept out the cobwebs, dust and debris and washed out the pots. I brought a few plants out that I started indoors. They’re still protected from the wind, but exposure to the outside will toughen them up for planting.


  • Potting Shed — Potting Shed by LouChara
  • Gardening Table –Gardening Table by Bloom!
  • Dirt and Pots — Potting Set by Bearsfoot
  • Potting Trays — Spring Gardening by Ancayi (Not currently available)
  • Line of Trees — 1 Prim Forest by Love Superstore
  • Small Tree — Prunus Ukon by Hayabusa Design
  • Large Trees — Summer Oak tree by Fundati
  • Grass — Spring Fling Meadow by Lunaria
  • Walkway — Cobblestone Path by Jian
  • Ground Texture — Seamless Ground Terrain by Fundati
  • Location — Private Home
  • Lighting and Special Effects — Environments, Lightroom, Photoshop (includes sky replacement)

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