I Stand With Ukraine

The Garden of Peace and Protection

I stand with Ukraine. So do others in both first and second worlds. In my real life, I personally know someone who is affected. She lives in fear that some day her phone call to a family member will go unanswered as the bombs fall, the buildings crumble and people die.

Several designers in Second Life® are donating money to the Red Cross and other charities that are helping people in the war-torn region. This garden by Two Moon Gardens, includes everything shown here except me. For only 499L, it is a bargain, and all proceeds are being donated to The Red Cross. The hair I’m wearing by No_Match was a sale item last weekend. All proceeds are also being donated to charity.

I chose to substitute the sky in Photoshop with the Ukrainian flag colors of yellow and blue. I enhanced it with filters and brushes to make it look ominous and smoky. While this garden may be a temporary place of protection, war is not far away. Earth is a small planet. It is the only one we have. And lives — all lives — are precious.



  • Garden — The Garden of Peace and Protection by Two Moon Gardens
  • Lighting — Environments, Lightroom, Photoshop (includes sky replacement and smoke effect)

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