Japan Tempura Island

Luminous Japan Tempura Island

Japan Tempura Island has been part of the lives of many residents for fourteen years. Sadly, it will be disappearing at the end of this month (today). Wagner James Au describes the reasons in his New World Notes blog here: Last Chance To Visit Tempura.

I had not been there in many years, but with this warning, I made a brief visit to take a last look around. Although to my eye, it looked a bit dated, I was struck with wonder at what a marvel it was fourteen years ago, when it was created. I remember seeing it for the first time and being amazed at the construction, the glowing trees, the waterfalls and of course, the ballroom. Because Tempura island is full of bright pink trees, I wanted to take a photo that would remind me of the glorious color on that sim. I chose a brilliant sunset scene behind the bridge to the main ballroom to mark its final days. I also chose to show the photo as taken in-world and didn’t do any further editing in Photoshop other than to crop the image.


Location — Japan Tempura Island

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