Weekend at Home

Weekend at Home

Instead of my usual weekend road trip, I’m going to spend a quiet weekend at home. I really need to catch up on a few things like doing laundry, journaling and reading. But first, I’m going to eat some Chinese takeout and watch some shows I’ve downloaded to my laptop.



  • House — Hanna House by Scarlet Creative
  • Couch — Triumph Sofa by Black Sand
  • Rug — Thio Grey Modern Cubes Rug by Dreamland Designs
  • Wall Hanging — Part of the Olivia Living Room by Bee Designs
  • Planter — LpOca Tree by LpOca (Part of a decor set)
  • Table — Kobeissi Tall Table by Architect
  • Vase — Oval Acoma Vase 2 (no longer available)
  • Book Stack — Pile of Books by Finca
  • Journal — Nightly Journal by Bamse
  • Pen Set — Heart Penholder by Fayded
  • Laptop — Laptop by Rumah Kita
  • Cola — Cola Cola drink by Dadelinux Production (Marketplace)
  • Pose with Chinese Takeout Props –Takeout by Secret Poses
  • Lighting — Environments, Lightroom, Photoshop
  • Location — Private Home

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