Mother Road, Route 66

Down A Long Lonesome Highway

On my weekend trip west, I found myself drawn to old Route 66 at the Mother Road sim.. In real life, I live in the western United States and for a few years I lived just outside Las Vegas, Nevada. Sadly, most of Route 66 has been subsumed by modern life and very little of the old charm remains. Mother Road is an extraordinarily well-rendered sim. It evoked memories and feelings of my travels in the real world.

However, there are still plenty of roads out west that look just like this. I tried to capture the sense of limitless open space, longing and loneliness one feels out there. I grew up on the crowded east coast, where skies are glimpsed between tall trees and buildings. I never saw a horizon or a “big sky” other than over the ocean. It took some getting used to, but now I appreciate the stark beauty of the American West.


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