Alligator Farm

Beware of Alligators!

Located on Bayou Chat Noir, this deceptively charming alligator farm serves as the home for several sharp-toothed residents. Beware as you walk around the sim, because the alligators aren’t confined to the farm!

At the “Please Adopt Me” sign shown on the lower right, you can pick up a FREE alligator for your very own. But please take good care of it. I know from personal experience that if you want to keep them from eating your local fauna (and you!) that they like a diet of hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza.

Weird personal real life story: When my parents were on their honeymoon in Florida the 1950’s, baby alligators were for sale at gift shop stands by the side of the road. My mother bought one and kept it in their hotel bathtub. She was upset that it kept nipping at her and they had to let it go into the swamp before they left Florida. Those poor baby alligators! I’m so glad we no longer treat them this way.


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