Keeping Bernie Happy

My Bayou Backyard

Bernie is my resident alligator. I know I shouldn’t feed him, but it does keep him from gobbling up my bunnies. I really wanted him to behave today and not nip at my ankles, so he got pizza, which is a special treat. Usually I just feed him cheap hot dogs and hamburgers.

This is my backyard at Bayou Chat Noir. I only use the house occasionally, so haven’t had a chance to meet my next door neighbors yet. I know a few other people who live on the sim.

If you’ve never visited Bayou Chat Noir, you really should. All of the residents cooperate with the theme, which is Louisiana Bayou circa 1940. Although many of the homes are privately owned, there is plenty to see as you stroll through the town and streets. Bring your camera!

Below is a list of a few of the items that I own and are shown in the photo. (Most of the landscaping shown here is done by the sim owners)


  • House — Shotgun Shack Tulane by Trompe Loeil
  • Still — Old Still v2 made by Chaplin’s Landing Creations (Marketplace)
  • Clothesline — Spring Living, Clothesline 1 by Tres Blah
  • Alligator — Monnett’s Domesticated Gator made by Hannah Kozlowski (Available free at the Alligator Farm) on Bayou Chat Noir
  • Pizza — TGIF Night Pizza box Italiano by Circa Living
  • Porch Decor —
    • Table — Rustic Painted Table by Siss Boom
    • Chairs — Emily Chair by Tarte
    • Box — Pallet Log Box by What Next
    • Bottles — Barman’s Bottles by Merak
    • Playing Cards — White Star Line Playing Cards by Ancient Designs (Marketplace)

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