Happy 10th Anniversary to The Willows!

Dancing the night away. Left to right — Me (Em), Kylie and Sela.

I can’t believe The Willows has been around for 10 years. I’ve been going to this fabulous club for at least 9 of those years. The Willows is like family. People make good friends and fall in love. They have their squabbles from time to time, too! At the helm is Faleen Renard, an extraordinarily talented and patient hostess. She makes sure everyone feels welcome, but keeps the griefers under control, making this a safe club for everyone. There are many talented DJ’s. I’d mention them but don’t want to leave anyone out by accident. I’ll highlight them as I attend future events.

This was a tricky photo shoot as we were all dancing. With the non-stop action and our differing postures and heights, it was a challenge to get all of our faces in the shot with none of us cut off or looking really silly. This was shot on site using one of my favorite Avatar-friendly environment settings, CaIWL. This can be found in the Library.

Location —The Willows

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