A Simple Room

Entrance Hall

I’m slowly decorating my home by the sea. I feel passionate about simple, elegant design. This house by Scarlet Creative made me breath easier as soon as I walked through the model home. The large glass doors (behind me, not shown) open to allow warm breezes and sunshine.

I’m working on this house slowly, putting down pieces as I discover them in shops or in my disorganized inventory. I have two years of unpacked goodies sitting in folders!

  • House — Scarlet Creative — Hanna House
  • Bench — Fourth Wall — Entry Bench, Dark
  • Wall Planter — Mithral — Diamond Shelf Display (Neutral) — I tinted this darker to match my decor
  • Floor Planter — Kalopsia — Decor Branches Vase, Silver
  • Painting #1 —Square — Aura 3D Wall Art, Black
  • Painting #1 — Birch Trees (created by author, not available)
  • Frame set — Floorplan — Leaning Space Prints
  • Candles —Potomac Signature Homes — Wrought Iron Candle Stand
  • Vases — Fancy Decor — Vintage Handled Vases

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